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    July 9, 2013
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tall grass and work in the stable. >> just knowing that she isis around, knowing that you can talk to her, just her presence is just so deeply missed. >> reporter: sarah was a journalist and still photographer. just before her death on her facebook page, she referred to o person as crazy boy, investigators have interviewed individuals about the case, but have made no a arrests. >> the person has removed a wonderful wonderful person fromr this planet. >> reporter: a spokesman for the fauquier county sheriff told fox 5 they are working methodically to build a case that can be put before a jury. sarah's mother has no doubt. >> in a criminal case you cannou discuss the facts of the dais. i know very little, but they know a lot. and they can't discuss it to the public who are not aware of this, it looks like nothing isis happening, put a lot is happening. i really believe in them.
>> reporter: she says she hass drawn enormous strength from sarah's friends who framed that favorite photo and created a memory book for her. >> it's been one of more healinl things that could have happened. >> reporter: but sarah green hall says there's much less pleasure in her life. >> i miss her in the tiniest ways. she was a great movie pal, she is best driver. i'm terrified of being on theinn highway. i felt >> reporter: not knowing thatkn the person who made others feel safe wasn't safe herself. >> now sarah green hall was 48 when she died. the maryland high school she attended has planted a tree on campus in her honor and hosted an art show displaying sarah's work. beth parker in the newsroom, thank you. you. the news edge on the district, where the police arere releasing new details in the tragic death of a 7-year-old boy. michael kins bury was found dead inside of an abandoned car,
after police and volunteers canvasserred thvanvassed thecand community. bob. will, we have learned thatle the autopsy on michael's kins ks bury body have been completed.l. the meaner of his death are still uncompletedded.l there's no trauma to his body but it's clearly already decomposing. the pig question any people have today, is how his body could have been found dead in a car,c, in an alley on west virginia avenue northeast d.c. when police had been searching thethe entire neighborhood for more than 24 hours before the body was found. d.c. assistant police chief steve newsom. >> the family conducted an an initial search before the police arrived. the family had told homicidehomi detectives that they did in fact
look inside of the vehicle where michael's body was you wil ultie recovered. at approximately 1:30 p.m. on sunday, an officer looked inside of the vehicle where michael was found, and did not see him. he described the vehicle ase locked at the time. we described three other pd officers over a three hour period that they looked inside of the vehicle and did not seese the body. >> now, michael kings bury, was, discovered pi a veteran police detective who looked into the lk car and noticed something strange, although police are no telling us what that strange thing was. was. they eventually busted in a window and found michael's bodyi in did he die in that car or was he put there after he died? we're not sure. police are not ruling out anything. not calling this a matter fouly accident. the lome line i bottom line, a a
boy with autism is dead, andde there's still many moremore questions. >> it sounds like we're going te have to wait for toxicology results to get more answers about the cause of death, right? >> exactly, and that could be a couple or a few weeks away. they are looking at more than at looking at examine examining the body. they are doing thorough tests tt look at how he was killed or died and when that happened as well. >> a mystery continues, bob barnard live at police headquarters. a police officer accused ofd making threatening remarks abouk the first lady has been clearedn of one charge. the attorney says his clientt christopher was cleared of administrative charges but found guilty of derogatory remarks onn social media. at the time he was a member of the presidential mor motorcade detail. after making remarks on facebook, the police department review board recommended he bebe suspended without pay for conduct unbecoming an officer. i he is considering an
>> new developments in the edward snowden case. the nsa whistle-blower has accepted venezuela's offer of politicle asylum. asyl news about snowden was first announced by twitter by the head of the russian parce parliamente believed that snowden has been at a moscow airport since june 23rd. snowden can only be allowed to travel to the u.s. to face criminal charges. we have been clearly wouldcy like to see him return, and iren don't think it should come as as surprise that if he were granted asylum, that would impact our bilateral relationship. >> today it's unclear howhow snowden will get to venezuela. e the only direct flight to venezuela stops in cuba. that flight depose over europe and the u.s. which may complicate the irs says it won't give out employee bonuses.
union workers are missing out o the extra cash. the acting irs commissioner told workers that the sequester cuts are to blame here. the union says that the bonuses are legally required.ired. recent investigation reveals agents improper targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. government is in place, but the violent and deadly protestdy by the muslim brotherhood arebre not letting up. the temporary president set new parcellia men temporary ruless and early elections are for next year. but the brotherhood is calling for nationwide uprising.ti back home, u.son. lawmakers are debating whether the obama administration cut off more than $1 billion in aid to egypt. president obama did something he has not done in a couple years. he met with members of the
congressional black caucus. they came to the white house an talked for about an hour and aau half. a number of issues came up ca including the need to keep federal student loan rates low. >> believe me, that students are being challenged significantly by plebs also discussed that the president their concerns about the recent supreme court ruling on voting rights. and just into the fox 5 newsroom, legal troubles tonighl for one of the sons of virginia governor bob mcdonnell. 21-year-old shawn mcdonnellawn was arrested on saturday andste charged with public intoxication. it happened in charlottesville where mcdonnell is going to be a senior at university of virginia. he was released in his own
recognizance, and scheduled tode be back in court next month. straight head on the news edge, fun food and excitementex after the second annual state dinner. it appears that the americae is really losing on the battle of the bulge. i have been gaining when ign was on vacation. i'm glad i'm back at work. i had to up my vitamin d.n it's u out now and it's great nt for the kastles. that is where lindsay is. she is watching great tennis. >> reporter: i'm cool, and the as cool as the rest of the kastles, they are going for aa 4th, we will talk with head coach murphy jensen later inin sports. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline. here is the number (202)895-3000. or you can e-mail the tips just lay it all out at
first lady michelle obamahe recognized 54 children as part s of the healthy lifetime fe challenge and kids' dinner mplet they committed each healthy heal recipe they had. it's part of the mrs.obama let'' move campaign. >> if you keep eating healthy and staying active, you will make your country and communitym stronger than ever before. you really are, you all are the future. >> eating healthy, you are setting up habits that are goint to be great for your entire life and you are setting a great a example for your classmates. cl >> the summer luncheon featured dishes from the contest winners. there were kids from our area. emma was chevy chase won from wo the state of maryland. she joined us at fox 5 morning
news. >> i could make an indian dish that is healthy and unique. >> uh-huh. >> and like to include the indian spices and to make it like different. i'm really excited i'm going to get a chance to go to the whitet house. >> emma is making us all hungry. after the dinner, the little chef took a tour of the kitchen garden. >> mexico has taken the title of the most obese could b country . 32% of people living in mexico are compared to thro 31% in america. junk food are contributingributi factors to the growing epidemicp two astronauts are wrappinge up a unique mission in space. as we continue here at 6, how one of them is making history. history
it is part of the international space ship. going on a walk to make repairs. today history was made when the first italian astronaut went on the walk. a view from the world,world, flying high over new finland. two astronauts getting a view o the world from outside of theirr office, the international space station. >> we're getting the jumpers and i'm putting them behind my mini workstation. >> american, astronaut helping to do some long overdue work. italian astronaut helping outlp when the veteran space walker ran into issues with a stubborn bolt. >> take it out of >> on their laundry list of chores, collecting sciencescienc experiments, removing a bad
camera and performing cable work, laying the foundation for a new russian laboratorylabora arriving at the end of the year. nasa's mission control, guiding on the 5th space walk of its making history with his debut, becoming first italian astronauu to ever complete a space walk. ahead of the mission, four othet members of space crew assisted the astronaut from the inside, including the american woman inn space. >> as we get more and more women selling iexsellingsexcelling ini think it will make the exploration experience more well rounded to get as many people as you can. ca >> the astronauts there completo the work with the second space walk scheduled for next week. fosteve harry began, began fox .
and the clouds that hung around, made it tough to get a little sunshine. now temperatures arising. >> it's on tough to fee get thrh it time of the year, the temperatures just rise. >> that's probably why i haven't washed my car in a while and i haven't been getting too much. >> that is good, and i will stop washing my car. i will show you what it looks like right now, we do have bright skies.bright when it's this hot and humid, it wouldn't take much of a humidity to develop a thunderstorm. right now fairly quiet on radarn with the exception of southern maryland which i will show yousw in just a moment. we are going to start with temperatures, bigger impact onbg theer wider area. 86 in quantico, 89 in the fredericksburg area.burg these temperatures fairly typical for this time of year,a, the humidity really up there, we
measure it with the dew point temperatures, whenever the dew h point is near 70 or heaven he forbid above it, like it is in annapolis, or quantico, that oppressive humidity and that ist what we're seeing, perhaps tougs going in terms of that humidityy tomorrow's forecast and thursday looks very similar with chances of showers and probably a bit more widespreadwi on thursday as the frontalfronta boundary approaches the area, most days you will keep thekeep temperatures in the upper 80s, don't wash the car tomorrow,morw either, because you will have to dodge a few more showers andd storms. not bad tonight, but you can sea that the activity we have beenve watching in extreme southern maryland and starting to push away, south of saint george island, we will put all of thiss in motion for the last hour. you can see that while the th storms themselves are expanding, they are going to be pushing oug in the bay. i wanted to call your attention to the green air out to the west.west. these are flash-flood watches,wa so much rain across western we pennsylvania and eastern ohioean
and portions of west virginiat i that any additional storms cause problems, and there are additional storms out there. we will watch that for later tonight, see if it producesoducs anything in the overnight area, in the overnight hours, and we're continuing to watch tropical storm chantal. here it is, damaging d moving te dominican republic, and next upp on chantal, as it continues tone move to the northwest at 26, at with wind of 55, it has to gogo across hispaniola, we think tha the mountains there will weaken it considerably. right now what we want to see is how the cone gets very wide to the end of the track. bottom we don't know what isw going to happen wide term. we will see what happens after it crosses hispaniola and maybee it slows down. and if you have these plans, don't keep doing anything drastic, including canceling.
we will see what happens with it. very similar day on thursday, both days will feature showers and thunderstorms, good news, i, does appear that the front thatn is coming will produce theode storms on thursday will get fart enough south and east, that maybe friday and saturday end up pretty nice, will.will sunday, and into monday, we will have a couple of sca scattered thunderstorms. what this does do keep the storms. it will be a big hero to myselff there you go. >> all right, thank you. as we continue on the 6, the wizards 2013 draft pick preparer for summer recoup in vegas. and lindsay is live at the stadium with the sports edge. what will help you cool off this su the minus 5 bar is kept at a kifnkept at a consistent 23 degs fahrenheit. most of it made out of ice.
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let summer try and pass you by. lease this all-new cadillac ats for around $299 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months. come in now for the best offers of the model year. s. tonight a big night because the team can make history with h win over the boston lobsters, they will set a new record with the most consecutive wins, it will beat by surpassing the 1979, and '72 lakers. they tied the record of 33 straight wins, the two-timeme defending champ will do so inso front of first lady michelle obama. martina hingis was a part of the victory. with the two team, 4-set win, i,
caught up with the head coach murphy jensen at 5:00 to talk about the stress on the team. >> how do you think the teamte handled the stress? >> anytime they talked about itt is when people bring it up. it's weird, because when i see, others that get winning streaks or big things happening forppenn them. it sounds, but the truth is weis have to stay focused on the x's and the o's and the preparation and the focus. at end of the day, there's goin toth be intangibles that you cat control. the success is going to be measured on whether or not weote win tonight way scoreboard. our success is going to be measured on the fact that we have given it all we got. we've got, we're alreadyread successful. let's go out and have some fun and play some tennis. >> murphy jensen as cool as a cucumber. the nationals are in philly forh game two of the four set against the he will bees opposing, and thete rookie versus the veteran, and newly acquired scott harrison rr
will lead off and play left field. that means bryce harper shifts h to play centerfield.ce let's talk about the wizards. this week the wizards arezards r holding a mini camp before they head to las vegas. otto porter who played in the pl same building with georgetown and junior who played with collegiate tech, most recently in the league.le here are the rookies when they hit the floor in vegas. >> go out there and have fun and play hard. that's my main goal. i don't want to go out there an take anything for granted andan play my best, against where we play. we will be, and give each other, the room to work, we are going to keep the ball extremely well, and i feel that is going to be biggest thing.bigges it doesn't have a lot of threats out there. and we got and we don't mind, mi and playing hard. >> it's a little bit steamy buty all in all a beautiful night tot come out and be a part of history.ory. it's the washington kastles looking for the 34th consecutive
win, tonight facing the boston lobsters. let's head to shawn yancy in the newsroom for a look at what coming up tonight. giving citizens the converse to man up during a crisis. we will tell you more that tonight at 10:00.10:00. tonight at 10:00, we will have more about -- rescue -- comes co come to me.. >> a story that is developing ie the district. plenty of unanswered questions, after the death of a boy with autism.ti. >> will. i know we had technicalchnia difficulty. we will see you at 10:00.t10 now you have the news edge at 6:00. the news is always on keep it here on tmz on t.v. is coming up next. enjoy the sunshine while we got it.
>> today on "tmz" -- >> amanda bynes does it again. nothing screams like don't put me in jail like a blue wig and a tank top. you are supposed to dress up. >> judges get upset about that. >> they are just wearing a robe. you could have dressed up a little, judge. did you just wake up?